Wedding Dress for Alison


Alison commissioned a soft floaty gown in silk satin and tulle. The dress was cut with simple princess seams and a fitted, lightly boned bodice with invisible zip back closure. The soft look was created through the use of many layers, two layers of soft ivory silk-tulle, soft ivory satin, an interlining for strength and then lined with the same silk satin for a really luxurious finish. All the layers extended to the floor and at the back into a foamy, medium length train.

A layer of tulle was gathered over the bust to create texture and define Alison’s slenderest point, the under bust line.

The ruffled tulle extended up past the top of the main dress to create a soft open neckline, off the shoulder and fastening with a single covered button at the back. Long fitted sleeves were made of the same soft tulle. The sleeves were also slightly ruched and ended with a soft bell shaped opening.


Alison wrote: “There is only one word to describe my wedding dress and that is, perfect!

The wonderful thing about having your dress designed for you, is that it can be exactly what you want and will be unique to who you are!

I was absolutely overwhelmed with the thought, time and attention-to-detail that Felicity devoted to making it! When you think how personal your special day is, what could be more wonderful than to have your dress personalised as well. Felicity’s work is exceptional!”





Original design sketch


Making Alison’s Dress


Photos taken at Alison’s final fitting.


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