Wedding Dress and Ties for Katherine


A contemporary fusion of 1930’s and Victorian fantasy elements went into the design of Katherine’s wedding dress. The main dress was made of buttermilk coloured silk satin and ivory lace with subtle gold thread running through it. The bustle was made of silk chiffon in five subtle dusty-pastel colours and ivory tulle with more of the lace a beaded trim.

I also made the groom’s scrunchy-tie in fabric to match the brides dress.


The style featured a bloused bodice with boat neckline and beaded shoulder detail. The main dress was cut low at the back and filled with beautiful lace above with scalloped edging on the neckline and a button and loop closure.

An extra long sash wrapped around more than once and tied to one side with waterfall ends, trimmed with metallic beaded lace. The skirt was bias-cut and had a little puddle train behind. The main dress fastened with a concealed zip and decorative buttons in a an Art Deco style, square with a little sparkle to each.


The back of Katherine’s dress was inspired by quite a different style to the front. The low lace back balances the dramatic bustle made in layers of ethereal tulle, lace and chiffon

Katherine wrote: Hi Felicity,
Thank you so much again for all of your fantastic work everyone just loved the dresses and kept commenting on how unusual mine was!!!
Take care
Katherine. Xxx


Detail of metallic beaded lace trim, used at shoulder, on sash and top of bustle train.


The bustle back was made of tulle, delicate lace and torn chiffon. It buttoned onto the back of the main dress so it was removable for later in the day.


I also made Katherine’s bridesmaids’ dresses, click here to see more pictures.


Original Design Sketch




The wide satin sash wrapped twice around Katherine’s waist before draping in a waterfall to one side. The edges were weighted with exquisite metallic lace appliqué.



The amazing bustle train was removable, though in then end Katherine loved it too much to take it off on the day! She could have unfastened the buttons and loops hidden under the sash to have a simpler look. The bustle was made to look like ‘something found in grandma’s attic’ – clouds of ivory tulle with waterfalls of torn-edge silk chiffon in palest pink, cream, grey and mint. Lace left over from making the back bodice was tucked in and brought the bustle together with the rest of the dress, despite disparate design inspirations! More of the metallic beaded edging trimmed the top of the bustle, on the two ‘bow loops’ padded out to be really ‘bustley’ for the luxurious look Katherine craved.


Never let it be said a dress has to get in the way of dancing!

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