Prom Dress for Cherry

Sea Green Prom dress with black tulle and lace detail

Cherry sent me pictures of five or six dresses from the internet with styles, colours and details she liked. I interpreted these and drew up some design ideas for Cherry to choose from. The final dress was basically the left hand drawing but with the skirt from number three and also the bolero with long sleeves.

Strapless and boned, princess line dress made from jade satin-back shantung (matt side out) with black tulle over layer. The same satin-back shantung is used shiny side out to make sash with appears to wrap around five or six times before it is tied in a bow in front. The black tulle is cut slightly fuller and hangs a few inches longer than the jade material.

Sea Green Prom dress with black tulle and lace detail

The back of Cherry’s dress was made to lace up with black ribbon over a matching satin-back shantung modesty panel. The sash pieces do not actually wrap all the way around but tuck into the v-shaped opening at the back.

The cross-over bolero was made from some lovely black and silver embroidered lace. The scalloped edge was used on the sleeves but the other edges were finished with a wide band of black satin-back shantung. The bolero fastened with hidden hooks and eyes under the front cross-over.

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