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Enquiries for weddings in 2019 and 2020 are welcome.


I start just one dress per month, and each dress takes 6-12 weeks to complete.


At present I have bespoke commission start dates available from August 2019 onwards, suitable for weddings autumn 2019 and beyond.


I am fully booked for alterations until the end of August, with limited slots available thereafter.



A free design consultation appointment begins the process where we will discuss what you require covering elements such as style, materials, the budget and time-scale. A design sketch and cost quotation will then be posted or emailed to you for your consideration.

An individual pattern will be drafted to your measurements and series of private fittings will ensure a perfect fit and finish. The process of a bespoke bridal dress will usually include the making of a toile, which is a mock-up of the design in cheaper materials, allowing the maker to perfect the cut and the wearer to check the style.

All consultations and fittings take place in my own home and so will be completely private and you will have my full attention during your appointment.

For a more in depth exploration of the design and making process click here


Four to six months notice is usually required for bridal work though I do get booked up for the summer more quickly than the winter months.

Once your deposit is paid your sewing time is booked into my schedule and your dress will be made in the time we have reserved for you.

I have made dresses with less then 3 weeks notice on occasion, please ring or email to see if I have space for your rush order.

Most wedding dresses take me between 30 and 70 hours of sewing to create. The actual timescale is very flexible, we can spread the work over many months or begin and finish inside a few weeks.




What if I lose or gain weight?

This should not be a problem, though ideally you have reached your target wieght before we begin work. The final fitting would normally be in the last few weeks before the wedding anyway to ensure a perfect finish.

If you lose more weight or gain after we have started, the dress can be altered to fit, within reason, as we go along. However if the change is more than 2 inches (a whole dress size) in either direction I cannot make the same promises about perfection that I can when I am able to measure and make for a stable body size.

Maternity: I have also made dresses for expectant mothers and new mothers without any problems. We can make plans to measure you and create the dress at appropriate points in your pregnancy or after the birth. Having worked with such body shapes before (and having had a few kids myself) I know roughly what to expect and will make sure the dress allows for your changing shape.

Do you make copies?

Yes, I can, but no I don’t. I would usually be capable of re-creating a dress for you but if it is a design that is still available from the actual designer it is illegal for me to copy it. I am happy to use other people’s designs as inspiration and I actually encourage you to bring along pictures from magazines or the internet which we can use as a basis for designing your dress. It’s useful to have some idea of the kind of thing you would like.

I have made people near copies where the original was nearly right but not quite, with changes to the style, detail or colour to create the exact dress they wanted . If you really love a dress exactly as it is by another designer it’s best to buy it from the original source.

Do you take alterations?

I will sometimes take alterations on ‘bought’ dresses if I have space in my schedule. I usually advise that wedding-dress alterations are made about 3-6 weeks before the big day but you can visit much earlier for a quote and then reserve time by paying a booking deposit.

I have altered more than 1000 wedding dresses during my sewing life and there is very little I cannot manage. If you are unsure whether your dress can be altered the way you would like I am happy to offer advice and help at a free fitting appointment.

For example costs see the pricing guide page. Most dresses cost £40-£200 depending on what needs doing and how the dress is made.

Ordering Bespoke

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