Classic ivory silk and lace low back dress and veil for Charlie

charlie 19 vintage car traditional wedding ivory silk dress and veilCharlotte commissioned a dress in layered silk satin and Georgette with a dramatic low back filled with beaded lace.

Official Wedding Pictures by Sarah McDonnell

The dress has a fitted and boned bodice with a sweet heart neckline below a yoke of beaded lace. The back of the main dress plunges low but is filled to the neckline with beaded lace and trimmed with satin covered buttons. The higher boat-neckline of the lace and the armholes are bound in satin. The skirt is fitted over the hips before flaring into a gentle fishtail with ivory chiffon layered over ‘Champenoise’ coloured satin. The skirt hem was cut to reveal the layering with the shine of the satin peaking out beneath the matt georgette. The ‘reveal’ is deeper at the back where the skirt flares into a train, which came with a bustle to be hooked up in the evening.</p>

charlie 2 low back wedding dress with beaded lace and button detail

Detail of the back of the dress with the main dress cut away in a curved shape below exquisite ivory lace, specially beaded to order in Italy. Tiny buttons covered in the same champenoise silk satin as the main under-layer of the dress highlight the centre back seam. The dress actually fastens at the side with a concealed zip.

charlie 28 design sketch princess line low back lace wedding dressOriginal Design sketch

charlie 11 country wedding classic dress with ivory satin and chiffon

charlie 6 soft fishtail princess line bespoke wedding dresscharlie 10 hitched hooked bustle up train sleeveless bridal gown

charlie 3 bespoke wedding gown and veil with train church weddingCharlotte’s veil was also made bespoke in ivory tulle. Single layer on a comb, worn like this veils are sometimes called ‘Spanish or Mantilla Style”.

charlie 4 single tier ivory veil on comb made to ordercharlie 18 traditional veil for church wedding ivory tulle

charlie 17 classic bride in ivory and buttermilk silk dress and veil
Charlotte wrote: Thank you so much – I am soooo happy with the dress, cannot tell you. You are truly amazing and thank you for everything. Charlie xx

Thank you so much for everything. The dress is absolutely wonderful and you have you have been amazing. You are so talented and I am so lucky to have found you. I genuinely meant it – if you ever want to borrow the dress for a show, please only ask. Let’s keep in touch and, again, thank you for everything. Lots of love Charlie xx

charlie 7 lace high neckline wedding dress with ribbon edge detail

charlie 1 silk satin wedding dress and veil hanging up before the big day

charlie 12 low back lace dress with bustled up train on button

Charlotte’s train was made with a bustle-up so it could be hooked up for dancing or when she walked outside.

charlie 8 bride and bridesmaids in royal blue custom made to measure dresscharlie 9 layered hem on silk dress with diamante shoesThis picture of Charlotte’s pretty shoes also shows off the graduated layers of hem on her skirt.

charlie 5 sweetheart neckline boned soft matt silk georgette wedding dress

Making Charlotte’s Dress

charlie 21 beaded lace fabric sample

The lace that Charlotte chose on the page from my sample books.

charlie 16 toile practice run pictures for custom wedding dress

The first fitting is always in the ‘toile’ or practice run made up in cheap fabrics to perfect the fit and style before cutting the expensive silks and lace.

charlie 14 half made dress with low back flesh organza insertion

First fitting in the ‘real’ fabrics which look very yellow in the electric light. Here the flesh coloured organza which will support the lace back and yoke is being pinned into the main dress to sit as flush as possible.

charlie 15 beaded lace panel in back and front neckline

Creating the lace yoke front and back meant carefully choosing cut so the lace pattern would lie pleasingly and symmetrically in the dress design. Silk organza dyed to match Charlotte’s skin was used behind the lace to support the delicate fabric

charlie 22 sewing on the buttons silk ivory lace

Buttons covered in silk satin were hand sewn to the back centre seam.

charlie 23 something blue hidden by the train wrist loop

The wrist loop sewn to the underside of the train meant Charlotte could hold up the train easily when she needed to. A hidden ‘something blue’ is always sewn in somewhere on all Felicity Westmacott’s creations.

charlie 26 buttons all down back on low back silk and lace dress

At Charlotte’s final fitting, detail of the lace back.

charlie 24 finished dress steamed and ready to do with beaded lace yoke

charlie 27 neckline detail on sweetheart and high lace sleeveless wedding dressAt Charlotte’s final fitting, detail of the front lace yoke and neckline.

charlie 25 detail of beaded lace at neckline with satin bound edge beads sequins

Close up of the beaded lace on the finished dress

charlie 20 fitting room picture deep ivory matt silk and lace wedding dress

A happy Charlotte at her final fitting in the finished dress and veil.

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